Is It Just Me?

Recently I have picked up reading after a long hiatus of not picking up a good read and I am glad I did. I have been reading so many amazing books and I am loving it so far. Just today though, I came across an idea in the book I am currently reading, The Happiness Project... Continue Reading →



Art has a deeper connection to something else. I took a Medieval Film class this last semester and one of the films we watched and discussed had to do with art. With the role it has to do with humanity, how it was perceived in the middle ages versus how it is perceived now, the... Continue Reading →

Which Is It?

As one gets older, they come to understand certain things about oneself that they do not when they are younger. Writing this, I have come to realize what a paradox my nature is. I am not a sociable person per say, talking to people wears me out and after doing it for too long, I... Continue Reading →

I Want to Fall in Love

I want to fall in love. I want to fall in love with myself, to get to know myself and my interests. To care for myself and to be able to treat myself right. I want to learn to not be so hard on myself and to give myself the breaks that I need. But... Continue Reading →

Blessed Be Those

Blessed the people who are not broken Lucky be those who are whole Fortunate be those who do not have affinity to self-destructive behavior For those of us who are broken Are not whole And are not fortunate do not enjoy the suffering we go through And yet We find ourselves In the midst of... Continue Reading →

L’amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle

I strongly encourage you to listen to the song below while reading. I listened to it while writing it. #3 in Renaissance Man Series: I picture pews all around us as a spotlight of soft golden light shines on him, illuminating the bright, rich ringlets of hair that frame his magnificent eyes. I hear a... Continue Reading →

You Are

You are my double edged sword You are everything good in my life you are everything bad in my life You lift me and elevate me you degrade me and humble me You helped me build walls around my heart for protection walls you later went on to knock down I love the feelings you... Continue Reading →

A Flash of Shock

My body and my brain chemistry reacted to you so violently and with such power so passionately and with such force that I was not aware of what had hit me it was like going into shock . . I knew there was an impact, I knew there was an injury But I couldn't feel... Continue Reading →

In Love Today

I fell in love again today. It happens more than you think. It happens more than it should. It happens more than I would like it to. For someone as romantic as I, it should not be a surprise anymore. But it is. It always takes me by surprise. It seems that Cupid's arrow is... Continue Reading →

New Year

In the original draft of this post, I ended with multiple paragraphs of myself just droning on and on about my stuggles this past year and why I was (still am?) so anxious for this new year. I poured my experiences and feelings out on this platform and to anyone reading my blog, this may... Continue Reading →

Blog Update

I originally made this blog to have some place to vent my thoughts and to ramble on things that I felt were important, while at the same time giving others the chance to see what that looked like. The poems were only supposed to take a little part of the blog. Everything so far has... Continue Reading →

Patience Is A Virtue .. (?)

Patience is always considered a virtue a good thing that everyone could use a little more of I use patience when the car in front of me has not realized the light has changed. I use patience when there's a line at the check-out I use patience when I have to wait my turn for... Continue Reading →

Why I Write Directly to YOU

Why I write directly to YOU: I use the word you because I want everyone to read these poems outloud I want everyone to say these poems to the person bringing them pain Because I write for every broken hearted fool out there who is hurting and questioning their choices My audience is not the... Continue Reading →

Our Story ( Sestina Poem )

eagles are known for flying high settling for nothing less than light would you recognize one if you saw it on the streets the beauty and the eloquence hidden by the shade or would you be too busy staring into the unknown for a species so advanced we tend to look at things with an... Continue Reading →

Magnum Opus

#1 in Renaissance Man Series: I have spent sleepless nights pacing around my room trying to make sense of the voices that surround me. I have filled sheets of paper, whole journals even with words meant just for you, only to end up as ash blown away by the wind. What is there to say that has not already been... Continue Reading →

The Most Painful

I can honestly say you were the most painful my love. You latched onto me and festered inside my heart. We never had a relationship. That’s what hurt. I loved you desperately, like I was drowning and gasping for air. You lead me on, made me believe there was something there. We didn't have time... Continue Reading →


Every time I listen to certain songs  . . I think of you You have stolen that music from me Or I have given it to you on a silver platter. Does it matter? Does it make a difference? Do you care that I can't listen to certain songs anymore because they bring with them... Continue Reading →

To You, For ME

My dearest lover, Maybe I write to you as a way of encompassing all of my lonely feelings . . Otherwise, it does not make sense that I am able to fill journals with words for you or about you. I mean, we were never really together and didn't spend much time in each other's... Continue Reading →


When you leaned into me, put your hands on my face, and stared into me, I swear I saw my future in your eyes. I saw warmth and hope and peace. Things I hadn't experienced with anyone in a long time. When you put your lips against mine, my hands went around the back of... Continue Reading →


the things that we love the most the things that we love for making us feel "free" those are the things that end up trapping us trapping us and making us glad to be trapped Crazy and obsessed were never words that I would use to describe myself but when it comes to you the... Continue Reading →


I've always thought of you in terms of someone who took something from me. Is that completely and honestly what happened though? I have a feeling none of this was your intention But then . . what were your intentions? If they were not to leave me after using me, then what was it? I... Continue Reading →


I never understood when people said that love was like a drug. I never understood how someone could crave something that did them harm But I understand it now the need for over stimulation the addiction the wanting more the feeling of every crack and break inside of me with every glance of yours thrown... Continue Reading →

The Burning Shower

I sit on the floor of my bath tub I feel the scorching hot water run down my body and completely cover me It is burning me. My skin turns raw as it reddens But the pain is distant It's a dull pain an impersonal one a temporary one The real pain lives inside me. The... Continue Reading →

Romantic For You

I've always considered myself and thought of myself as a romantic, and as a rather hopeless romantic at that. Hopeless in the sense that I had wild ideas of love and about what love was. It had the same effect as magic for me, and I assume for all self-proclaimed romantics. I realize that the... Continue Reading →


When I think of you . . it's not always constant, as you would assume. It comes in bouts, in episodes I can go weeks, months without thinking of you. Then there are days where every second my mind is repeating it's memories of you . . it's fantasies of you. This thing . .... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

I have to admit, the idea of sharing my writing, my ideas, and my words with people is starting to really scare me! As I stated in my 'About Me' page though (which if you haven't checked out yet you should), I believe it is important to interact with the ideas in our world and... Continue Reading →

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